At last! It is time to talk about 0_CCULT’s first upcoming collection. I will do 2 parts starting with this one. In this blog post, I will explain the inspiration and idea behind my upcoming collection. I will talk about how I found and set the theme for the collection, the thought process of merging 0_CCULT’s elements into the designs, how I tried to reflect the ideas through designs, and when we expect the collection to be released separated into two blog posts. I also noticed that I never publicly revealed the collection’s name before, so this will be the first official name reveal for the upcoming collection as well. Even though the collection is still in the design stage, I believe we are ready to announce it officially.

The First Collection of 0_CCULT is called “Age of Internet: Present Futuristic Fantasy”. Now, you might be wondering what the hell is “Present Futuristic Fantasy”. Let me explain. I am personally a big fan of the Sci-fi and cyberpunk genres. I love reading and watching stories about science fiction where technology is so advanced and humanity is capable of doing things we can only imagine. Of course, this is the starting point of science fiction stories. Imagination shapes those fictional worlds with their part-fictional technology. But even if you are not into sci-fi, you probably noticed none of the predictions from futuristic scenarios from the past is 100% accurate at our current time. A commonly known example could be from the movie Blade Runner(1982). The movie sets in 2019, where flying cars exist as well as organic androids called Replicants which were created by humans to work as slaves in off-world colonies. When you compare Blade Runner’s reality with our current world, you see the vast difference. We are at the year 2021 and there are no publicly used flying cars on sight still. My point is, that these futuristic fantasies were fueled by the past’s expectations, therefore making them a distant reality from ours. This rule is still valid to this day and none of the futuristic fantasies we have will be totally accurate. So what we should do is to stop complaining about being born in the wrong generation and appreciate the current time we are in, in other words, the present. 


If you missed that last sentence, I repeat, this collection won’t be a futuristic collection! Only the reality with some creative interpretations. Perhaps in one of the future collections, we may go full-on futuristic. But I made this collection to prove the present day is futuristic already. One day I woke up and realized how advanced our technology actually is. Whenever I see some new, life-changing innovation, I always tell myself “The future is now”. For centuries we dreamed about the future and as human nature, we still dream about the future. But it is important to realize we are now living in a future people in the past dreamed of. Not totally what they would expect maybe but this is what makes the current reality exciting and unique. How much we fantasize, in reality, there is a factor of the unknown when it comes to the future. My main goal with this collection is to express my appreciation for the current advanced inventions and make people realize they are living at a more advanced age than they think. In other words, we live in a futuristic fantasy that is both advanced compared to the past and yet so primitive compared to the distant future possibilities. I believe these possible futures push us even further to improve our technology. If you don’t believe me now, I hope I can convince you when the collection is released. 


We are in the age of the internet. I believe the World Wide Web was the most life-changing invention that defines this age we live in. It didn’t only define but shaped our lives and that is why I wanted to include “Age of Internet” in the collection’s name. Sometimes I think these inventions are underrated. If you can use social media to connect people, make money, and for entertainment, you should realize it is a great tool people didn’t have in the past. Not even mentioning all that information around the web that we are just one click away. We come to a point where the world is evolving around the internet. 

When it comes to the music industry, since when the pandemic has begun, Artists were not able to do tours and live shows. Thanks to the internet, many DJs did free live set streams that are available to everyone. The internet has formed a culture and you can see the effects coming along with this. It’s crazy influential and it is no longer sci-fi.  As you can see in the photos, Some designs are inspired heavily by visuals you can find on the internet obviously interpreted using some of the elements of 0_CCULT. It is really easier said than done and because of that, I decided to divide this into two separate blog posts to get into more detail of the thought process. Since now you know the theme and idea behind the collection, It would be easier to explain the creative process in detail with examples.

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    Love the layout of your blog! I’m excited to see what else you have planned for your brand !

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