The core idea of 0_CCULT is to provoke people to think outside of the box and push the boundaries of the “normal” with thought-provoking designs, and styles. 0_CCULT exists to give people a chance to express themselves through our clothing and let them spread our message while doing it. Since many subcultures were formed by creatively differentiating themselves from the mainstream, it is only fair to incorporate the core aspects that define the existence of these subcultures into our designs.
The name 0_CCULT derives from the word, “Occult” which has several definitions like “Secret”, “Mysterious”, “Hidden Knowledge”, and such. The actual definitions of this word have a lot to do with our brand and this can be observed as a constant theme behind our designs as well as the way we operate. While we could quickly point out the esoteric symbolism, myths, legends, and folklore as our driving influences, we rather let the viewer connect the dots since that would be appreciated much more than serving knowledge on a silver platter. This indirect approach is not likely to be taken by other publicly available brands however 0_CCULT is for curious souls, by the curious souls. We believe this is a way of staying true to our core values. 0_CCULT has no problem staying under the radar as long as we reach enough people to maintain an environment of creatives to let new ideas flourish.
Fashion is evolving by influences adding upon each other and as individuals, we are collecting inspiration from various kinds of styles here and there. Incorporating these into our outfits gives birth to a style that is an amalgamation of all the influences you combined along the way. As more unique styles start developing in time, new fashion subgenres emerge or the existing ones expand in definition/style. As the subset of creatively distinct subgenres, our goal is to lead this change. Pure, Uncensored, and Raw.