The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Hello fellow reader. If you ended up here, you probably have a good taste in fashion but more importantly, it is likely that you are a curious soul eager to learn more about the themes underneath the designs we released in our first-ever collection. Thus without further due, I present to you; The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.

In this collection, I wanted to give a piece of the truth of life through my designs. The collection features three graphic tees and one custom tee. Each of these designs was photographed, edited, and created by me. This collection of Tees has flashy graphic images that were designed to capture and captivate the attention of others. By doing this, the person who wears these Tees will be the messengers of truth and the idea of the unfiltered, purest existence of our perceivable reality. The subject matter for all the designs was handpicked carefully. Some ideas implemented in these designs were meant to be seen by the ordinary folk in a glimpse, while they require a second, deeper look in order to uncover the full story. With a quick look, many people can see familiar symbols such as the inverted cross in the “Abandon Humanity” T-shirt. This was a clear representation of evil which I put there because we know the majority of people have a tendency to refuse evil elements of life. Discomfort surrounds these people when the inverted cross on the Tee is in their sight. The intent is to turn that discomfort into progressive thinking. Because no matter how against someone can be to an inverted cross or the meaning the symbol holds, they will eventually build up an immunity against it. I believe this immunity comes from embracing that evil is a part of the whole. As the counterpart of the “Abandon Humanity” design, we have the “Children of Sound” Tee where the good was depicted in both direct and indirect symbolism. The child statue wearing the 0CCULT bucket hat gives off an angelic feeling similar to the angels drawn in naturalist paintings ever since the renaissance era. The child angel is watching over us above the clouds in a heavenly place and its ethereal hymn can be heard all around the globe if we, the children of sound, focus on the source of good. Even in this design, you can observe slight chaos that can be considered more “natural” in the background depicted as lightning strikes. But despite the loud thunder these lightings generate, you can hear the hymn of an angel that soothes your soul and give you the calmness you seek. All you need is to focus on whatever you wish to sense while acknowledging the existence of chaos and evil within. This angelic figure is accompanied by “cold” colors that are usually identified with “good” such as white and light blue. The star-like symbol was a fitting personal addition that I won’t be explaining for now. Although, it’s for the best to clarify that this symbol is deeply related to the idea of good on a personal level only a selected few can truly uncover. 
The Good cannot exist without bad and bad cannot exist without good. I represented this balance we find in every aspect of our lives with my two designs. People usually tend to discard evil and anything that makes them recall negative thoughts. In reality, we are living in a life where both these opposite poles exist together. It would be wrong to depict our whole existence with only the good things or things that solely expose the more sinister elements of life. If we discard one or the other, we won’t be staying true to ourselves because we would be altering our perception of reality which is already stripped from its full extent due to the limitations of our species and our search for truth would fail miserably. We must maintain this balance in our lives as well as in our art because a person who is a stranger to “evil” is the weakest link with the narrowest mind. For “evil” this profile is the most common tool for dirty deeds. Therefore, we must expose these elements and place them in the subconscious of the masses through our art.
As for my third piece, the “Daisy Chain For Occult” I depicted another piece of life that is often left in the shadows by many people. This design was my latest addition to this collection before I made the decision to release it all. The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly would be incomplete without me addressing another commonly observed duality in life. Many people might think anything slightly sexual is a topic to be spoken about behind closed doors but that is simply excluding another important part of life that makes us human. Sex is an important part of our personality integrated into our lives, motives, future plans, and especially in our survival. Basically, this is how we are wired and Yet, large numbers of people are considering this inappropriate and addressing it as “ugly”.  A topic like this should not be considered taboo if we are in search of understanding ourselves and our collective society.  I used unreal elements and dreamy colors in unusual places in this design specifically to push people to think and force their own boundaries by welcoming loud contexts in a subtle manner. The eye inserted inside the female reproductive organ doesn’t only have one interpretation but the most important reason was to create something uncanny so the “ugly” aspect is prominent and visible not only to the conservative people that address sex as inappropriate but to a majority of people. Behind this beautiful abomination, I created, stands a silhouette of a daisy flower. This flower symbolizes beauty since flowers are commonly considered beautiful and elegant. Besides the heavy subject matter, this design requires a few looks by the viewer to figure out what is going on. This makes it the perfect tee for wearing so people can push themselves to see the details and perhaps research if the individual is seeking to see the world from the lens of truth. 
To leave you a wiggle room to think further and expand your perspective, I have decided to leave some elements of these designs in the shadow. Call it the magician's code if you wish. After all, this little game of secrecy is not taking away from the joy of wearing a piece of clothing you genuinely like. Besides, all this, meaning, symbolism, and process that went into these designs don’t mean a thing to some. It is still perfectly fine to pick up a tee from this collection and add it to your wardrobe just because it is visually aesthetic to you. An individual could notice a personal association with an aspect within the designs that were not created intentionally and decides to wear it due to the personal meaning they linked with whatever they saw. Maybe one of the designs can even appear to some as an event of synchronicity, which in that case, the person who notices this would definitely proceed to add this to their collection of clothes. Just like these few assumptions that are not too far away from reality, there could be millions of reasons why someone decides to carry these designs with them in their daily lives. When it comes to fashion, you must listen to what your heart says.

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