In this blog post, It’s time to talk about the creative process I follow and how I infused 0_CCULT’s style with my designs in the Present Futuristic Fantasy Collection. If you haven’t read Part I of the “A0I: PRESENT FUTURISTIC FANTASY” blog post, and still wondering what the hell is “Present Futuristic Fantasy”, I advise you to click here and give it a read before starting this post. 

Now if you are ready to dive in, we can start. When I was creating the collection, I was aiming to make it unique to 0_CCULT. My aim was to make people recognize it is 0_CCULT when they see it even if the design doesn’t have the brand name on it. If you ever checked the previous blog posts or the about page, you can see what 0_CCULT stands for and who is our crowd. Even though there is a complex idea/theme behind the collection, I had to interpret it our way. First It may sound easy but I can assure you it is not as easy as it seems. To create the perfect 0_CCULT design, the ingredients you need are 0_CCULT’s mysterious and dark aspect. You could think of this like, something unreal has to appear in the design because I believe it is a fantastic feeling to confuse people at the first sight. I want people to look at the designs and say,  “This looks cool but I haven’t completely figured it out yet”. It is a great feeling to make people think over something as simple as a T-shirt design. The truth is, you don’t need to make a design abstract to make people think. My aim for this collection to make the designs very stunning to the eye. 

Mosh With Me Back Side

Here in 0_CCULT, Music is everything. Underground music subcultures have crucial importance to the brand. Therefore, you can see the inspirations of music subgenres such as House, Techno, Drum n Bass, Punk, Metal, and much more in our designs. Even if it’s not very obvious in some versions, underground music subcultures were our starting point as a brand, and products were designed to be appealing to the right crowd. Not only the music genres but every community who are active followers of these genres have their own culture and traditions of their own. We make sure to infuse these into our designs by mentioning several parts of these “festival traditions” and developed community cultures by expressing them through a language of art. Some are loud and some are more subtle. Depending on a person’s knowledge of the scene perhaps an individual may see more in a design than another. A great “loud” example is the design below. Which is perhaps the most flashy design in the collection. It is still under development but as you can guess, It’s called, “Mosh with me”. It’s a direct reference to the moshing culture. This type of dancing was originated from Hardcore Punk scenes back in the day. Now you could see this culture in various different genres such as Thrash Metal, Synthwave, Heavy Metal, Alternative Rock, and even in some EDM scenes. It even varies into types within and definitely worth looking into if you are interested. As a side note, It’s also pretty fun. Your clothing is a way of expressing yourself just like music. Imagine wearing this and going to the closest Punk scene. I bet people would be all over you. Especially if there is a moshpit going on. But hey! Don’t worry,  this collection is designed for everyone to enjoy these designs if it fits their aesthetic. You don’t need to be a music scholar. After all, you are free to wear whatever you like. 

Mosh With Me Front Side

I got to say, I’d rather leave the interpretations of the designs to the consumer instead of explaining them all here. But to connect the first part of the blog with this one, let’s just say I combined the overall idea with what 0_CCULT stands for. Plus add the “vibe” of 0_CCULT into the mix. But all these designs are to show you that we are indeed living in a unique futuristic fantasy of our own where technology, inventions, and of course the internet is advanced enough. I’ll never get tired of saying  “Future is now”. From the simplest invention such as an aux cord to the most complicated one of our time like a brain chip, 0_CCULT includes the highlights that make our world a living futuristic fantasy in this collection. 

Link-Up Front Side Design

Lastly, I wish I could give an exact date for the release of the collection. We have been working on this collection for a while. Luckily I was able to work with a talented artist on some designs but on the business side of the brand, I am still on my own. Business matters can be tricky and you may always experience a problem on the production line. I am glad I have some experience from 0_CCULT ORIGINALS drop when it comes to beating those challenges. I decided to take my time to perfect the product before the release to give maximum satisfaction to the customer. Quality over quantity. So we decided this collection to include 6 designs. Depending on the estimated release date of the collection, we might include some surprises or promotions so make sure you follow us on Instagram and stay tuned. Thank you for reading, see you in the next blog post.

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