What's next?

In this blog post, I want to talk about what is planned for 0_CCULT in the future and why you should be a part of the 0_CCULT family. I will briefly explain some short-term plans I have for the brand. Perhaps I will also try to get you to follow us on socials.

If you read the A0I blog posts part-I and part-II, you know we never gave a release date for the first upcoming collection. That was intentional because as I explained before, the collection is still in the early stage. For better exposure and seasonal preferences, I believe the most appropriate time to release the collection would be in the Fall season. Even though the release date seems kind of far away, this is a great opportunity for a mini capsule collection for the Summer. The funny fact is that I just came up with this idea a week ago. So we could say the designs are in a very early stage. I think in that way, we can produce some designs that are appropriate to the summer theme. Of course, mixed with 0_CCULT’s vision and ideas. A drop like this ideally would be released around early July. Once we move further in the planning and designs, I will make sure to write a blog post before the drop. Who knows, maybe it will hype you up.

Yes, it's Rei and yes, Rei got drip. We know.

In addition to the possible summer drop, I was thinking of producing limited and exclusive items with so little quantity. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to sell these exclusive items at a higher price or something. At least not with these ones. I am planning to use these items solely for giveaways. From what I observed, giveaways are a perfect way to attract people. I mean who doesn’t like free stuff right? After seeing the love for the original 0_CCULT bucket hat from many people, I have decided to design another beautiful bucket hat. I’m currently working on it and I have to say, I am very excited about it. I thought if we are going to do exclusive bucket hat giveaways in summer, we should do something special for fall and winter as well. I have an idea for a 0_CCULT balaclava design. All my troublemakers, you are welcome! 

Have I ever mentioned we practically have everything set to manufacture Skateboard grip tapes as well? That’s not planned as a short-term goal but if 0_CCULT wants to taste different markets, this is a possibility. Considering that skateboarders are included in our target audience. 0_CCULT’s vision can still be reflected through cool grip tapes. So let us know if you would like to see sick grip tapes by 0_CCULT.

We have plenty of things planned for 0_CCULT in the future. Great collaborations, events, giveaways, customs, and new designs are just a few of the possibilities. To be honest, I rather keep some things secret because, in that way when it comes out, it will be more impactful. I don’t want to ruin any surprise. Plus it gives you a reason to follow us ;) 

We want you to be a part of the 0_CCULT family because here in 0_CCULT, our purpose is to perform as a superset for people who are followers of subcultures. If you lose yourself while listening to your favorite music, get spaced out while admiring an artwork, enjoy the pump of adrenaline while skateboarding, or feel the release of oxytocin while dancing, you are at the right place, 0_CCULT welcomes you. This is our chance to help you express your likes and hobbies through fashion. The chance to support musicians and artists and create a multidimensional community built within this fashion brand. If you’re convinced, then join us but don’t forget! It’s not a cult, It’s 0_CCULT.


  • brooke cloak

    Good luck with everything !! I can’t wait to see what is next for you and your brand

  • Molly Ellis

    I will definitely be keeping an eye out for the new releases! I’m (im)patiently waiting!

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